Wander into the wilderness...

A young, naive traveller relies on her older brother as a guide through endless woods and a wilderness with no end in sight, but when her guide suddenly disappears she is forced to re evaluate her position in life and dependancy on her brother. 

Cast & Crew

Jen - Lucy Aarden
Tim - Philip Barantini

Written & Directed by Barnaby Boulton
Produced by Joe McAreavey
Cinematography by Matt Lewis & Svilen Slavov

Sound Recordist - Simon Richert & Pan Papagiannopoulos
Colour Gradist - Carl Thompson
Editor, Sound Designer & Composer - Barnaby Boulton
Grip/Driver - Jordan Dann
Makeup Artist - Rosie Gosztonyi
Stills Photography - Karen Knowlson
Executive Producers - Philip Barantini & John Lochland

Wanderlust Wreaths.png